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Equipment Service by Bayer is built on optimising uptime, maximising value, and keeping Bayer devices performing at peak efficiency.

Around the world, hospitals and health care organisations rely on Bayer for the comprehensive programmes and service essentials that drive productivity, reliability and cost-effective performance. That’s peace of mind that lets you think ahead and focus on your patients.

Service and support before you purchase

Our service and support personnel are available before you purchase any Bayer equipment. If you’re planning a new suite or reorganising an existing one, our service engineers can offer invaluable support on where to position equipment. This can help maximise the ease of use and assist in planning cabling requirements during installation.

Experience the exceptional Bayer service from day one

All new Bayer equipment is covered by a comprehensive one year service and support package that is equivalent to our DirectCARE package. At the end of the 1st year, we offer two distinct service programmes that are tailored to offer you as much support as you require:

DirectCARE Bayer’s most comprehensive on-site service

SelectCARE Essential Bayer options for customised solutions

Think Ahead. Plan Ahead. Stay Ahead. With Equipment Service by Bayer.

Service Agreement Programmes
Service Agreement Programmes
Meets CMS Accreditation Mandate
For OEM Imaging Equipment Maintenance
Annual Engineered Predictive Maintenance
EMP (Engineered Predictive Maintenance)
  • Verification and recalibration per factory specifications and procedures
  • Proprietary software updates
  • EPM certified part replacement
  • Complete inspection and safety testing
Rapid Response
Mobile part inventory and strategic warehousing
VirtualCare Remote Support
Real-time monitoring and advanced diagnostics
Free On-Site Corrective Maintenance
Includes labour, travel, and Bayer certified parts
Full Warranty Protection
For the term of the agreement

VirtualCare is available on DirectCare Standard & SelectCare Standard contracts

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VirtualCare is available on both the DirectCARE and SelectCARE standard packages

  • VirtualCare is the remote support for Bayer devices, identifying issues before they become problems and providing real-time monitoring, advanced diagnostics and rapid resolution.
  • Continuously monitors Bayer devices and detects errors automatically
  • Receives service requests instantly, generated at point of care
  • Provides fast, effective, informed event assessment and determination
  • Resolves software issues remotely in minutes rather than hours

VirtualCare is included on:

  • MEDRAD Stellant CT Injection System
  • MEDRAD MRXperion MR Injection System
  • MEDRAD Spectris Solaris EP MR Injection System
  • MEDRAD Avanta Fluid Management Injection System
  • MEDRAD Mark 7 Arterion Injection System
  • MEDRAD Intego PET Infusion System
  • Radimetrics Enterprise Platform

Service Essential: Technical Assistance Centres

All Bayer customers have access to our service essential Technical Assistance Centre (TAC)

Bayer Technical Assistance Centres are a global network of state-of the art rapid response centres, staffed by Bayer-certified engineers and technicians, and offer extensive technical resources, knowledge and capabilities.

TAC troubleshooters are available to Bayer customers, by phone or email, to assess situations, answer questions, diagnose problems and support rapid resolution.

If required TAC can organise for an on-site visit by a Bayer Service Engineer, whether customers are covered by a formal service plan or not.

For more information please contact Customer Support on
tel: +44 118 206 3999 or email:

  • In-house Service Teams
  • Mobile Parts Inventory
  • Clinical Application Support
  • Technical Assistance Support Centre