MEDRAD® Mark 7 Arterion Injection System

Multiple Configurations for Maximum Flexibility

The MEDRAD Mark 7 Arterion injection system is the solution for angiography from Bayer.

  • Lighter and more manoeuvrable*
  • Easy to use and reliable
  • MEDRAD Vflow provides consistent real-time contrast delivery through the unique hand controller

*Compared to MEDRAD Mark V Provis injector

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Injector Features:

MEDRAD® Twist & Go

Now available with Twist & Go Syringe Kit Features a rotating connector on the high pressure tube for easy attachment to the syringe tip, enabling one handed connection technique which minimises accidental de-sterilisation.

  • intuitive interface for simple injector control
  • ergonomical handle for easier manoeuvrability*
  • unique front load syringe for simple insertion and clean removal
  • 16% lighter injection head*
  • 32% lighter pedestal unit, easy to move*
  • Smooth arc design for extended reach
  • 20% smaller footprint*

*Compared to MEDRAD Mark V Provis injector

Injector Features:

*Compared to MEDRAD Mark V Provis injector

Injector Configuration:
  • Table Mount The small power supply allows mounting flexibility - under the table, in the control room, in the store room
  • Overhead Counterpoise System The ceiling mount option allows the injector head to be moved easily for injections
  • Dual Display Add a second display for maximum operational flexibility between patient room and control
Injector Configuration:
System Specifications

System Capabilities

Flow Rate (Fixed) 0.1–45.0 ml/s in 0.1 ml/s increments
0.1–59.9 ml/m in 0.1 ml/m increments
Flow Rate (Variable) 1–10 ml/s in 0.1 ml/s increments Phased injections up to 4 phases with different flow rates and volumes delivered in a single contiuous injection
Volume 1–150 ml in 1 ml increments
Pressure Limit 100 –1200 psi in 1 psi increments
689 –8273 kPa in 1 kPa increments
Rise Time 0.0–9.9 seconds in 0.1 ml increments
Delay Time 0.0–99.9 seconds in 0.1 ml increments
Fill Speed 1–20 ml/s in 1 ml/s increments
Fill Volume 1–150 ml in 1 ml increments
Syringe Size 150 ml
Protocol Memory 40 Protocols
Injection Memory History 50 Injections

Mechanical Specifications

Height Width Depth Weight
Pedestal System* 134.8-145.8 cm
120.1 cm
66.22 kg
(146 lbs)
Power Unit 11.8 cm
24.8 cm
38.6 cm
4.99 kg
(11 lbs)
Display Control Unit 28 cm
32.1 cm
7.7 cm
3.18 kg
(7 lbs.)
Injector Head 22 cm
25 cm
53.9 cm
8.16 kg
(18 lbs.)
Table Mount Bracket
6.9 cm
17.7 cm
13.9 cm
2 kg
(4.5 lbs.)

*Weight does not include the injector head, display control unit, or power unit weights.

Ordering Information

Mark 7 Arterion Pedestal System ART 700 PEDL
Mark 7 Arterion Table System ART 700 TABL
Mark 7 Arterion Overhead Counterpoise System ART 700 OCS